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Employees considered as the best asset of any enterprise. Employees are not managed well despite the presence of an HR department. Employee dissatisfaction can lead to reduced productivity and efficiency of the business, especially when you do not take care of attendance. Biometric Attendance Payroll integration is a service tool that helps companies manage a fully integrated and payroll system right from your bio attendance machine. It is a custom-made tool that picks up employee details and their attendance from the device.

To improve the efficiency of company’s administration, to store up to date information about the employees, to make employees understand the rules of the company, to reduce the extra cost for the security of the database, every organization should implement the biometric attendance payroll integration software. And before applying the software, you should check whether the biometrics software is user-friendly or not.

Dacam systems are specialists Biometric attendance Services in Chennai that can integrate with almost all time & attendance solutions. Payroll software is one of the most complicated functions for a business. Ontime pay remains as an essential contributor in having satisfied employees.

How does payroll integration work?

How Does Export/import payroll integration work?

If you need to create a time and attendance system, You can manually import/export the data file onto your payroll. You can automatically import and setup according to the different time gap like 15 mins, daily, weekly, monthly. In this biometrics, functionality works for time and attendance offers. For a payroll export/import integration, a connection from a database is essential.

How Automated excel integration works?

A Basic payroll template needs necessary details of the employee like employee name, pay rate, total hours, overtime pay rate, over time total hours in an input field of excel sheet. You can Use gross pay formula to calculate each employee’s gross pay, and that will give the results of spreadsheet calculation. As with the total pay formula, you’ll want to apply this formula to the entire column by dragging it down. You can Add any last time deduction and review the employee’s net pay, and it will automatically calculate the employee’s payroll.

How does API integration work?

API Stands for Application Programming Interface. You can do all the interactions between applications, data, and devices in API integration. You can also integrate the data from system to system for creating connectivity. APIs provide a standard way to access any application data, or device, whether it’s accessing cloud applications.

Salient features of Biometric Attendance software

Accurate Identification

Accuracy is the needful factor for every organization. You can achieve a top level of identification with the help of this system. For instance, if you set the device correctly, you can use biological characteristics such as fingerprints and iris scans to update the attendance system. This attendance system will help you to find the behavior of every employee like late comings, early-out and overtimes.

Elimination of proxy attendance

If your organization fixed with biometric attendance device, It is impossible to replicate an individual’s fingerprint or share it. Therefore, it eliminates buddy punching which is a common phenomenon with other traditional methods of attendance. So, no proxy presence.


The most important advantages of Biometric identification is a person can be immediately identified or rejected within a second by accessing the device. Since being a business owner you know the value of time, so this system can act beneficial for your office revenue, accordingly by increasing productivity and reducing the costs by eliminating frauds and unwanted problems.

Makes it easy for managers 

Supervisors or managers don’t need to check records to know that who is on leave and who is working. The Biometric attendance management solution has a dashboard that displays the information. A worker may take too much time for a lunch break, and this also is recorded in the Biometric attendance software. The software automatically gives better discipline in the workforce.

Salient features of Payroll software

On-Time Data Collection 

Biometrics saves the time required to manually calculation of employee work hours by keeping time and attendance records. The data stored in it can be easy, quick, and efficiently transferred to payroll software.

Low cost and time reduction 

Payroll software minimizes the manual paperwork by integrating. Biometric attendance data into payroll software, it saves lots of working hours by providing data electronically, effectively eliminating the time required to calculate work and overtime hours manually. And this can be achieved with a low-cost biometric system.

Calculate payroll amount with ease 

Employees may work for a shift basis or on an hourly basis. Automated Attendance Management System will track each employee and automatically compute the payroll without any errors. It is also considered to integrate the fine for late attendance, leaves, half day work and any other variation that may be applied. The automated employee attendance management handles every case with accuracy. In either case, the attendance system makes better transparency as well as employee satisfaction.

Reduction of a payroll error

The Biometric attendance payroll software comes with leave management. Thus all leave records are readily available. Such reports can then be set side by side with the payroll system and help eliminate any error in the calculation of payouts. It also saves more time in processing payroll as manual intervention is next to nil.

Any organization which has more than 10 employees will find that biometric attendance Services in Chennai is well worth for the investment.

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