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CMS software effectively maintains the accounts of working employees, while managing an inventory of day-to-day operations of the canteen. It works on the card swipe system and provides complete information about the cost of each employee. If you want efficient service to your organization, Canteen Management system is the best option to implement.

Nowadays, To manage the food consumption, canteen management system is utmost essential. Canteen Management System also maintains records of cashless transactions.

If you are looking for find right Canteen Management System Dealer in Chennai, walk through further to understand more about the Canteen Management System.

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Canteen Management System Dealer in Chennai

How Does Canteen Management System Works?

  • CMS Software configures different time slots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and the printer is attached to a device.
  • Canteen Management System works through online software. Once the employee placed his order, then his identity and other details are authenticated by the CMS software, and then the order is placed, and thus receipt is generated. No employee can place multiple order.
  • An employee also can authenticate by their smart card which includes their details and thus their order will be placed.
  • After authentication of the employee, according to the defined time slots, the printer prints the particular coupon.
  • Employee and visitor can submit their coupon card to the canteen counter. Guests show their temporary cards.
  • You can learn more about this working with Dacam Systems, the leading solution provider of Canteen Management System Dealer in Chennai.

Canteen Management System Works

Key Benefits of Canteen Management System

  • Forecasting headcounts will help in instructing the Caterer, which reduce food waste & save money.
  • Do away with the manual system of managing the coupons.
  • Ready-to-use data at your fingertips for instant use.
  • Ease in choosing from a menu by Caterers.
  • Single operation with an easy installation method.
  • Advanced information on the usage of the canteen amenities by the workers on each specific occasion or shift will notify the caterers.
  • CMS can generate many reports, such as worker consumption report, food item wise consumption report, caterer daily sales report, etc.
  • Filtering based on time frames, such as a specific week, specific month, or a financial year can generate for each of these reports.

    User Friendly Advanced Reports

    • Employee master Report
    • Employee Vs Food Vs Time Report.
    • Food Vs Rate Vs Validity Report.
    • Department wise consumption Report.
    • Visitor Consumption Report.
    • Accounts summary report – Employee wise, department wise.

      User Friendly Advanced Reports

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