Buying Biometric devices online  Instead of Biometric Service Providers in Chennai

Anyone can buy online. Buying online is similar to self-medication. It may be cheap and looking good for the present. But it will cause damages in the future. So that you should choose the right Biometric device by considering the futuristic things. If you want your Biometric runs for an extended period, the extended warranty and maintenance service is essential which is complicated in online Biometrics.

Extended warranty and Biometric system maintenance service after buying is under the category of next level of management. The next level of control is much difficult when you buy Biometric devices online in Chennai, but if you buy Biometrics from Biometric service providers in Chennai, they will justify proper maintenance services.

Drawbacks of Buying CCTV Camera online

Choosing the right Biometrics

If your business place needs proper attendance system, the primary thing you have to do is choosing the right Biometric device as per your requirements. When you buy Biometric devices online in Chennai, there will be a chance to misinterpretation.

The main drawback of buying online Biometrics, you cannot see the physical product being purchased or meet the service provider in-person. The Biometric device picture you see online while order will not be precisely same after it arrives at your hand. For choosing the right Biometric device, it is much better when you buy it from the best Biometric service providing company in your city.

Site Survey

A site survey is a process we should do before the Biometric Installation at your business place. It gives you the solution to the questions arisen and used to measure the proper needs for installation. A site survey is impossible when you buy a Biometric device online. A site survey is essential for every Biometric Installation.

A site survey is used to find the solutions to your fundamental question arisen while before the installation. You can quickly fix the place you want to place the biometrics mostly front door and which type of Biometrics you need to access-controlling your employees, etc.,

Solution Consulting

Solution Consulting is possible when you buy a Biometric system from Biometrics service providers in your area. By consulting with them, you can know your actual purposes like

  • Which type of Biometric sensor (Fingerprint or face or iris recognition) do you need?
  • Which Biometric modality (Multi-location or single location ) is best for your business?
  • Which type of hardware do you need?
  • Considering ROI

But while buying online, there will be no clarity on what you exactly need because of the limited features and specification they provide. And most importantly you cannot have a direct conversation with them.

Onsite Warranty

Warranty for Biometric system also available in Online buying Biometrics. But it will be very less period only. Onsite warranty is a little bit complicated while you buy a Biometric system online. Onsite warranty is nothing but gives you the maintenance to the buying Biometric system until the warranty over.

A good Biometric service providing company always comes with an installation package with a warranty. The warranty will be minimum 24 months, but online Biometric devices have the less warranty only. They do not provide the onsite service anyway. Annual maintenance services will be the best choice for Biometric system maintenance.

Service & Support

Service and support for customers is another drawback while buying Biometrics Online. You have to trust the description of the goods or services blindly. Because the handling of the Biometric systems are not guaranteed while delivering and wait for the product to arrive also quite frustrating sometimes.

Cheap items have the high shipping charge sometimes which is expensive than the local store. There is a chance to mishandling your product while shipping and delivering. You will get broken stuff by the shipping company after that you have to for claiming progress and all.

When you buy a biometric device from the right biometric service provider in your locality, their customer service teams are more concerned about to provide the best possible customer experience and continuing customer relationship even after the product is sold. And customer service agents help the consumer to pay bills, handle returns and answer frequently asked questions. Customer support teams also have user contact, but they are part of the larger customer service department, helps to overcome the troubleshooting issues of Biometric software. In conclusion, For many different reasons, Online buying Biometric device has more disadvantages compared to the store buying Biometrics. So customer should take reference from the customers and talk to them about Biometric service providers in Chennai and then make before purchasing the Biometric devices online in Chennai.

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December 21, 2018

5 Drawbacks of Buying Biometric devices Online Instead of Biometric Service Providers in Chennai

Buying Biometric devices online  Instead of Biometric Service Providers in Chennai Anyone can buy online. […]