Are you looking for the best CCTV Installation services in Chennai?

If your business place or home consists of multiple locations, you can measure your employees and protect your assets by the proper CCTV cameras installation, and it provides a full-fledged as well as an independent security solution. And it applies to the small stores also.

We at Dacam Systems provide a best CCTV Installation services in Chennai. Our services include right from taking Survey, Networking, installation, testing and handing over the system to the users. We also provide an HD CCTV, IP Camera, DVR/NVR, Web-based Access control, and remote access and many more as per your requirements.

Do it yourself Installation

You can easily Set up your CCTV/DVR system because CCTV Installation is very simple and straightforward. In general, you need to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to connect the cables.

Choose the target place

Knowing where to place the CCTV Camera is essential to CCTV Installation. You can choose your placement by taking reference from the internet as per your requirements. Choosing the right target place influences more the CCTV Installation.

At first, you must consider where you want to watch the most and possible areas to install a CCTV. Monitoring every place is expensive & inefficient. So, draw a diagram to mark the CCTV area in your floor plan.

Arrange the basic tools

The most Common tools used for Wired CCTV Installation are Ethernet cable, Power drill with drill bits and spade bits, Insulation tape, Pipes & Casings, LED/LCD monitor, mouse, and keyboard. For a better installation, you have to use these tools properly by seeing internet videos.

If you choose wireless CCTV Camera for your surveillance, there is no need for cabling works. Wireless CCTV Camera Usually works with the wireless router and record footages into the micro SD card. Wifi CCTV setup will be easy. For the installation of wired CCTV, you have to be involved more than wireless CCTV. But if you choose a CCTV Service providers to set up, you will end up with a better system in the end.

Connect the major components

After identifying the areas you want to monitor, you should connect cameras directly plug into the DVR box using BNC Connectors  & monitors to get an overview of the area coverage. The initial process of CCTV Installation is to Plug in the necessary CCTV Components like CCTV, DVR by the connectors and wires.

After connecting the CCTV Camera and recorder, you have to route the wires by the diagram you drew initially. You can easily connect the essential components. But it is a little more challenge when it comes to routing the cables.

Route the cable

If you are new to installing a CCTV camera, you may consider learning a few things about CCTV cables. Different CCTV systems use different cables. You have to choose the right cable as per your CCTV needs.

Then depending on how your house/office is built,  you have to plan to route the cable which is the permanent connector of CCTV Camera with a centralized device named DVR. Here, you can take electrician help which reduces unnecessary cabling expenses. For a Wireless CCTV is a network camera, There is no network cabling because CCTV Camera can work with the wireless router and record video footage into a Micro SD Card.

Usually, The most challenging part of the CCTV Setup is cabling work. For a better cabling work, you must choose a Best CCTV Installation services in Chennai because it may cause unnecessary damage to your building walls while routing.

Find your Professional Engineer

Filtering unprofessionals from professionals is actually very easy. You have to consider the following things to find the professional installer.

  • Is the company experienced in CCTV business?
  • Do they provide free site survey and consultation?
  • Do they provide complete and latest technology solutions?
  • Does ISO certify the company?

And also take reference from the customers and talk to them to understand the post sales service, expertise, and reliability.

In conclusion, CCTV cameras always come with a lot of benefits, CCTV is one of the cost-effective ways to assure that you are safe. Their presence is strong enough to protect you from criminals for your home or corporate building. These days CCTV Cameras are becoming more affordable and easy to install. To install a CCTV System, it is just a one-time expense. So that it is better to fix the CCTV Camera instead of using several human resources as security officers to monitor.

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December 20, 2018

Best CCTV Installation Services in Chennai

Are you looking for the best CCTV Installation services in Chennai? If your business place […]