Why Choose Zero Touch Temperature Reading Devices ?

  • Detects Temperature Accurately
  • Zero Touch & Faster Performance
  • Ready Stock - Quick Installation
  • Free Online Video Demo & Quick Proposal
  • Used by 1000+ Busineeses in Chennai

    Contactless Digital Thermometers

    Why Choose DACAM Systems ?

    Upgrade Old Devices Using Buyback
    We can buy your old devices back and upgrade your attendance with latest contactless biometric devices.
    Quick Delivery & Best Support
    View Live online video demo, ready stock, quick installation & professional support
    Flexible Software to Suit Your Business
    You can use existing software or upgrade the software. Option to integrate attendance software with payroll & multi location attendance

    Types of Devices

    Various types of contactless biometric devices to suit your business requirements

    Handheld Thermometers
    Handheld thermometers are used to detect temperature of a person without making any physical contact.

    Handheld Thermometer

    Thermal Camera

    Thermal Temperature Reading Cameras
    Thermal temperature reading camera reads temperature of the person and will alert the security when the temperature is above normal body temperature.

    Walkthrough Temperature Detectors
    Walkthrough temperature detection devices detects the temperature as the person walksthrough the zone.

    Walkthrough Temperature Devices

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