Looking for Right eSSL x990 Device in Chennai?

DACAM Systems is one of the leading eSSL Biometric Devices Provider in Chennai. We guarantee the best price along with a free Onsite Demo and Site Survey. We have trained and Certified technical Engineer to help you with your needs. We have over 12 years of experience in Security Systems with 1000+ customers in Chennai.

If you are looking to find the right eSSL x990 Biometric device in Chennai, walk through further to understand more about the eSSL x990 Biometric devices.

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eSSL Biometric Device in Chennai

Advantages of eSSL x990

  • Superior performance
  • Liveness detection
  • Enhanced accuracy and image capture speed
  • Interoperable,
  • Durable module
  • Tamper detection/response

    X990 Specification

    • Special Feature : Push Data Technology
    • Fingerprints templates : 10000 Templates
    • ID Card Capacity : 10000 Cards
    • Transactions : 1,00,000 Logs
    • Enhanced security features
    • Data encryption

      Business Benefits

      • Increased payroll accuracy
      • A decreased burden on finance department
      • Deals with time theft
      • Biometrics prevent forgery
      • Ease of use

        Software Features

        • Attendance Regularization
        • Leave Management
        • Shift Management
        • On duty, Overtime,
        • Reports, Integration

          eSSL x990 Vs Others

          How to Install x990 Biometric Device

          Hardware Installation
          1. Fixing Device
          - Affix the Biometric Device in the Wall or Door
          - Connect UPS Power Supply to the Device
          - Connect Network/LAN cable for data connectivity
          - Connect IO port to Access Control Device

          2. Fixing Access Control EM Lock
          - Electro Magnetic Lock connected to Biometric Device
          - If needed fix exit switch for Opening the door

          Software Installation
          - Install Prerequisite software - Java, MySQL
          - Install DACAM Attendance Software
          - Assign the IP address to Biometric Readers and connect them
          - Link Biometric finger template with employee master
          - Generate attendance Reports

          DACAM Systems Biometric Expertise

          DACAM Time Attendance Software

          • DACAM Systems has expertise in eSSL Software R&D that develops and maintains DACAM Attendance Software. Since we well-versed in this, we provide features that are unique for growing enterprise requirements.

          PAN India Installation & Service Capabilities

          • We have reference customers that use our attendance solutions across india. We have installation and service capabilities on PAN india basis even on tier 2, tier 3 locations.

          Large Enterprise Client Reference

          • DACAM is expert in enterprise systems, we have case studies, references for large scale attendance projects and various architecture. If you are a large company and looking for centralized attendance than DACAM is the right choice.

          1000+ Businesses Use DACAM Security Products Daily

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          Why Choose DACAM Systems for your eSSL x990 Biometric devices Needs?

          • Specialist in eSSL x990 Biometric device in Chennai
          • Expertise in Product Consultation
          • Trained & Certified Senior Technical Engineers
          • 12+ Years Experience in eSSL x990 Biometric devices in Chennai
          • 1000+ Customers Using Dacam Solutions Across Chennai
          • ISO 9001:2015 Company
          • Free Onsite Survey
          • Quick Estimation of the Project
          • Advanced Product Yet Affordable Costs