Looking for Right GST Fire Alarm System Dealer in Chennai?

GST provides a complete range of fire system solution and customized fire products tailored to the needs of different industries. GST with a sales infrastructure that covers several countries and regions, and includes a China-wide network. GST fire alarm systems have more than 140 sales offices and more than 10 logistics centers.

GST fire alarm system contains two loop versions and loop extended by using an additional loop.

How does Fire Alarm System Works?
Fire detection industry has progressed to where smoke detectors and alarm devices have combined to become life-safety systems. Primarily, an auto working of the fire-alarm system is to detect an event, signal the control panel and proper officials, and alert the residents to take action.
All Fire Alarm Systems typically run on the same principle. If you are looking for finding right GST Fire Alarm System Dealer in Chennai, walk through further to understand more about the Fire Alarm Systems available in the market today.

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GST Fire Alarm System

How To Test Your Fire Alarm?

Long Press and keep holding the test button on the smoke detector.

It might take a few moments to start, but a loud, ear-piercing horn should arise from the smoke detector.

In case, the sound is weak or nonexistent, replace your batteries.

Gst Fire Alarm System Testing

Advantages of GST Fire Alarm System

Some of the major business benefits of using Fire Alarm Systems are

  • Fire Alarm Systems are mandatory in Hospitals, Schools, Retail & Many Other industries
  • Detect Fire Early before the actual fire accident
  • Avoid loss of life, valuable due to fire as Fire Alarm detects fire and can also automatically trigger Fire Control Devices
  • Systems can have few detectors to hundreds of detectors with multiple zones as per the size of the premise.
  • Integrations with Fire Fighting Devices for Automatic Fire Control

    GST Fire Alarm System

    Dacam Systems Annual Maintenance & Services

    DACAM Systems is authorized to service partner of GST Fire Alarm Systems with trained and certified service engineer. We do a site survey, consultation, installation, service, and annual maintenance contract.

    Fire Alarm systems need periodic maintenance of Fire detectors, else dust may be accumulating on the sensors, and the detectors function will be inefficient. We undertake periodic preventive maintenance to make sure your GST Fire Alarm system functions properly.

    One of the major advantages of using annual maintenance services are that AMC services saves from unexpected maintenance and repair cost. Besides this, the clients can avail the systematically & timely executed annual maintenance contract services that also renders rounds the clock maintenance & repair from qualified technicians and support staff.

    GST Fire Alarm Annual Maintenance

    Components of GST Fire Alarm System

    • Alarm Initiating Devices
      Manual - Pull Stations or Alarm Buttons, and Automatic - Heat detectors, flame detectors, smoke detectors, and CO2 detectors
    • Alarm Notification Devices
      Bells, horns, strobe lights, chimes, and voice evacuation systems
    • Fire Alarm Control Panel
    • Backup Power Supply
      Typically 6 or 12 volt batteries stored within the control panel and kept charged until needed
    • Remote Controls & Display Panels

      Components of GST Fire Alarm System

      GST vs General Brands


      This question arises after comparing with all the other brands. Here is the comparison chart to help you to know which is essential for any GST fire alarm system purchase.

      GST Fire AlarmGeneral Brands
      Fire and smoke detectorDetectors easily address radiation, heat, fire and smoke Electrically.

      Easy maintenance
      Detectors failed to address radiations, heat, fire, smoke sometimes.

      Not easy to clean and maintenance
      SoftwareAdvanced user friendly softwareUser friendly software
      Power supplyIntelligent PSU and network PSU provides Wide range Power SupplyLimited Power Supply during a power cut.
      Battery BackupExcellent Battery backupModerate Battery backup
      DisplayThe graphical LCD provides crystal clear and easy to read text on screensLED display provides an average resolution.

      How To Find Right GST Fire Alarm System Dealer in Chennai?

      To find the leading GST Fire Alarm System Dealer in Chennai to satisfy one’s needs, the customer should check for the below points:

      Is the Company Experienced in Fire Alarm Business
      How many years of experience does the company has ? Have they done large projects, have they supported Fire Alarm systems for many years ?
      Customer Reference
      Take reference of customers and talk to them to understand the post sale service, expertise & reliability.
      ISO Certified & Process Driven Company
      Company that invest in Quality Management Systems are process driven than people driven. Work with process driven company.
      Do They Provide FREE Site Survey & Consultation
      A good vendor can save you a lot of money by recommending right product, cable routing & right technologies. Ask them to do FREE site survey and provide proposal.

      Dacam Systems GST Fire Alarm System Offering

      Site Survey

      Site Survey

      Visit customer site and provide solutions with drawings & technical specs.

      Project Management

      Project Management

      Experienced project management team, professional project tracking and reporting.

      Project Consulting

      Project Consulting

      Provide consulting on technologies, brands with cost-benefit analysis.

      Sales, Service, Maintenance
      SAMC, Service Contracts

      AMC, Service Contracts

      Annual Service/ Maintenance with preventive maintenance visits.



      Project Implementation including cabling & related accessories.

      IT FMS Services

      IT FMS Services

      IT Manpower services for technical support. Full time & part time onsite support services.

      1000+ Businesses Use DACAM Security Products Daily

      Customer List Customer List Customer List

      Why Choose DACAM Systems for Your GST Fire Alarm System Needs?

      • Specialist in GST Fire Alarm System in Chennai
      • Expertise in Product Consultation
      • Trained & Certified Senior Technical Engineers
      • 12+ Years Experience in GST Fire Alarm System
      • 1000+ Customers Using Dacam Solutions Across Chennai
      • ISO 9001:2015 Company
      • Free Onsite Survey
      • Quick Estimation of the Project
      • Advanced Product Yet Affordable Costs