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Public Address System is an electronic device that increases the volume of the human voice, musical instrument or any other sound sources. If you want to distribute your information throughout the venue or building clearly and effectively, Public Address systems will easily cut through background noise, chatter, music, even loud local noises.

Nowadays, To manage the crowd or provide the information clearly, the Public Address system is utmost essential.

If you are looking for finding right Public Address System Dealer in Chennai, walk through further to understand more about the Public Address system.

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Public Address System Dealer in Chennai

How does Public Address System work?

The main components of the Public Address system are a microphone, amplifier, Output based loudspeaker, Wireless adaptor, and collar mic. These are the primary components of the Public Address channel system contains.

How does microphone work?
The primary audio source of Public Address System microphone plugged into a mixer. The mixer allows for multiple channels of sound to broadcast at different levels

How does amplifier work?
The amplifier is usually side by side incorporated with the mixer. The amplifier's job is to magnify the audio signal by manipulating its different frequency qualities. The gain in an amplifier refers to the decibel level of the sound coming out of the speakers.

Public Address System work

Technical Specifications of Public Address System

  • Public Address system weights up to 18kg
  • Using IP 20 Metal cover
  • Working temperature is 0 to 45 °C
  • A rated power supply voltage is 230
  • RJ11 plugs are used to connectors

    Beneficial Features of the Public Address system

    • Relatively easy to maintain
    • The metal cover gives protection to Core components
    • Informative and avoid invasive
    • Easy installation
    • Secure communication in a large venue

      Applications of Public Address systems







      Large Shopping Malls

      Large Shopping Malls

      Leading Brands of Public Address Systems

      Leading Brands of Public Address Systems

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