Looking for Boom Barrier Gate Automation Systems in Chennai?

Automated Boom Gates are efficient gates with a torque motor which raises the boom arm through a sinusoidal level method. It helps the boom arm to move in both up & down position in an electromechanical and hydraulic drive mechanism which delivers it more appropriate for stable operations with intense use.

Features of Boom Barrier:
Highlights of the boom barrier constitute an inbuilt anti-crush safety device, which delays the movement of the boom, it must meet any obstacle. Additional beam sensor provides an optional protection to vehicles. Auto-close of the boom barrier can program in the controller which can customize the closing delay.

If you are looking for finding the right Boom Barrier Gate Automation Systems in Chennai, walk through further to understand more about the Gate Automation system.

Boom Barrier Gate Automation Systems in Chennai

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    Components of Automatic Boom Barrier System

    Boom Barrier vs Flap Barrier vs Tripod Turnstile

    Boom Barrier GatesFlap Barrier GatesTripod Turnstile Gate
    PerformanceHigh efficiency and complete performanceHigh efficiency with quick response and complete performanceHigh efficiency and complete performance
    InnovativeIlluminated with Boom arm, Wireless keypad, SMS device integrationCounter display, illuminated gate wings, Directional LED indicatorCounter display, armdrop down and audio lift, Directional LED indicator
    SafeIntegration with safety sensors and vehicle loop sensorsInbuilt infrared sensor and Integrated with fire alarm systemInbuilt infrared sensor and drop arm function
    CompatibilityIntegrate with any access control devices like parking system, RFID readers and toll systemsIntegrate with any access control systemIntegrate with any access control device, ESD system, Fire system
    ReliableQuality product with high performanceQuality product with high performanceQuality product with high performance

    Why Automatic Boom Barrier Gate?

    Boom Barrier is a Rod or Pole located at a axis to run up and down direction only, in order to manage access of vehicles in a special passage or in a selective building. It is utilized for both Business and Domestic purpose. The Method of an Automated Security Gate or Boom Barrier varies in Size, Shape and Performance.

    A pivoted pole to allow the boom to block the vehicular access through a control system.

    The barrier is raising or low-down by releasing the boom lock with key type mechanism.

    Typically the tip of a boom rises in a vertical arc.

    Boom gates are counterweighted, so the pole easily tipped.

    Boom gates have paired either end to end, or offset appropriately to block the traffic in both directions.

    Why Automatic Boom Barrier Gate

    Technical Specification of Automatic Boom Barrier

    Primarily One should think about the specifications of boom barrier system before buy.
    Before choosing A Complete Boom Barrier system should have the specifications given below.

    SpecificationAutomatic Boom Barrier gates
    Boom Length7m width (approximately)
    Height of the pole above ground0.90m (approximately)
    Pole materialHeavy duty Metal profile or aluminium
    Wind ResistantAt least 50 Km/hr
    Barrier DriveElectro–mechanical drive unit with gear motor of suitable size
    Spring assisted and damped
    Controller typePLC / micro controller
    Power supply230V+/-10%, 50Hz AC main supply point made available at about 25 meters from the barrier.
    Power failure / Emergency operationManual operation /release
    Environment condition suitability-10 to +50 Degree. Celsius (approximately)
    Remote accessAvailable

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    Key Business Benefits of Boom Barrier

    • Controlling the entry and exit of the vehicle - as well as people becomes quite comfortable and hassle-free with the help of the boom barrier gates for business places. By Boom barriers installation at the traffic place, cars can be managed quite easily in a systematic manner and vehicles will automatically control in a channelized way which reduces the traffic.
    • Convenience - Boom barriers eliminates the inconveniences and enhances the security as well. Instead of getting out of the car to open the gate, the gate opens itself, and by using remote access, you can close it.
    • Unauthorized access eliminated - Boom Barriers secures commercial buildings from unauthorized access and entry of Vehicles or Persons. It records the details of vehicles that parked in the locality.

    How to Find Right Automatic Boom Barrier Systems Dealer in Chennai ?

    To find the leading Boom Barrier Gate Automation Systems in Chennai to satisfy one’s needs, the customer should check for the below points:

    Is the Company Experienced in Gate Automation Business
    How many years of experience does the company has? Have they done large projects, have they supported gate automation systems for many years?
    Customer Reference
    Take reference of customers and talk to them to understand the post sale service, expertise & reliability.
    ISO Certified & Process Driven Company
    Company that invest in Quality Management Systems are process driven than people driven. Work with process driven company.
    Do They Provide FREE Site Survey & Consultation
    A good vendor can save you a lot of money by recommending right product, cable routing & right technologies. Ask them to do FREE site survey and provide proposal.

    DACAM Automatic Boom Barrier System Offering

    Site Survey

    Site Survey

    Visit customer site and provide solutions with drawings & technical specs.

    Project Management

    Project Management

    Experienced project management team, professional project tracking and reporting.

    Project Consulting

    Project Consulting

    Provide consulting on technologies, brands with cost-benefit analysis.

    Sales, Service, Maintenance
    SAMC, Service Contracts

    AMC, Service Contracts

    Annual Service/ Maintenance with preventive maintenance visits.



    Project Implementation including cabling & related accessories.

    IT FMS Services

    IT FMS Services

    IT Manpower services for technical support. Full time & part time onsite support services.

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