Looking for Biometric Multi-location Attendance Systems in Chennai?

Large companies with multi-location branches are facing a different challenge altogether. They are finding it extremely complicated to collect and collaborate attendance from multiple sources and wasting a lot of time and resources also. And thus the most challenge part is managing presence and payrolls of employees.

Dacam systems are specialists Biometric Multi-location Attendance Systems in Chennai that can integrate with almost all time & attendance solutions. Head office and branch office attendance software are one of the most complicated functions for a business. Ontime pay remains as an essential contributor in having satisfied employees. Biometric Branch office Attendance software is one such tool that helps companies manage a fully integrated and payroll system right from your biometric attendance machine. It is a custom-made tool that picks up employee details and their attendance from the multi-devices.

How does it work?

When you have multiple branches over the city, no need to worry about the installation process for all branches, access control Biometric reader is to be installed at each Office & Branch for Time Attendance of the respective location employees. All the biometric readers transfer or push the attendance logs to head office by using a single server for multiple locations — the attendance data from all the places integrated into the existing HRMS System. You can view the All-Time Attendance reports within Corporate Intranet. Push attendance system does the, and periodic data push the branch office attendance logs to the head office. By this, Head office automatically processes the branch office attendance centrally with the help of web-based software by integrating with other software like SQL, ORACLE.

Salient features of Biometrics Multi-location  attendance software

Idle for the organization having multiple locations

This multi-location and branch office attendance software in Chennai helps the enterprise by monitoring the employee attendance of several branches effectively with less human effort. An organization which has the multiple branches need a lot of human effort to analyze the presence of employees. So that this software is idle for the multi-location enterprises.

Single server for multiple locations

Shall you really need a server in each location to maintain the attendance of the employees? No need. Having single server or domain for multiple sites is possible. You can access all the branches of your enterprise with ease.

Real-time tracking

Cloud-based attendance management enables to track the employee details in real-time and provides automated inputs for payroll processing. It helps in managing alternative payment schedules and makes all information available in real time. Managers can create “scheduled versus actual” reports to adjust work schedules and direct workforce activities in real time.

Easy Integration with 3rd Party Payroll 

The Time-Attendance solution can easily be integrated with third-party software such as  ERP, Tally, HRM, Active Directory and others. Dacam offers multiple methods for such integration that includes API, database to database and customized export templates.

Comprehensive & Flexible Attendance Policies

Policies – Every organization has different attendance policies in execution. Even in the same organization, different branches, departments or even users have different attendance policies. Using Dacam time-attendance, the enterprise can create multiple attendance, late-in, Early-out, overtime policies and assign it at the user level. The solution automates the attendance management without any manual intervention.

As we discussed, employees are the most valuable asset for any enterprise and their time is the most valuable resource: managing employee’s attendance and timing essential and a complicated challenge for organizations. It is mainly when organizations have more branches and spread across multiple locations; they should follow diversified time-attendance laws and policies. Timings should also be different concerning every location. In this case, the enterprise-grade Time-Attendance solution can serve as the perfect solution for organizations. Biometric Multi-location  Attendance systems in Chennai surely makes the work of organizations easier as far as managing time and attendance details of employees, is concerned.

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