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Looking for CCTV Camera price in Chennai?

Are you looking to know about CCTV Camera price in Chennai? Here, Get your security cameras at an attractive price at Dacam Systems. For your better business and home surveillance, we provide you with the latest technology CCTV Cameras of top brands in the market.

While buying a CCTV, you aren’t going to buy CCTV Camera alone. You have to consider other essential components of CCTV Camera. The Recorders like DVR/NVR used to record and store the footages, cables used to connect the elements are also crucial to the CCTV System. So that you have to consider the prices of them too.

Basic needs to CCTV System for working

CCTV Camera

CCTV Camera includes one or many cameras which are used to send video images and audio data to surveillance monitor. Indoor camera installation tends to be a little less expensive than outdoor CCTV setup because you don’t need to consider the weatherproof.


CCTV Camera needs electronic devices like DVR/NVR for recording purpose. Wired CCTV Camera needs Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and wireless CCTV Camera, that means network camera need Network Video Recorder to save and store the footages.

No.of Channels

In a CCTV System, you can install from 4,8 and 16 channels. It depends upon how many cameras you want to install. It is up to what your business place or home needs.

Wireless CCTV Camera Usually works with the wireless router and record or save footages into the micro SD card.  

Other CCTV Components

The essential function of a video monitoring system is to capture, manipulate, hold, and view recordings and images. CCTV system is capable of customization with a variety of components. But all of them include three necessary components. These components influence more on CCTV Camera price in Chennai.

Lens & Cables

Utmost cameras come with a 3.6mm lens. Approximately gives a 77-degree view angle. There are various lenses for wide angle, long range, manual varifocal, zoom lenses, etc. Cable depends on the external surroundings, area to get cover. If you go with analog or IP cameras – establish the best possible routing for a better connection.


No matter you go with analog or IP. Both have the common main chipset (CPU) that will do the image processing for this board and the sensor which would depend on the quality of image needed.


It helps to protect the camera from external influences such as severe weather. IP66 rated is the most common term used. It helps to withstand sprays of water from any angle. (so it’s weatherproof, not waterproof – not suitable to place inside a pool).

Infrared Night Vision

It is a ring of infrared LEDs which also has a light sensor on the same board. The sensor detects the sufficient light in the room and switches on the LEDs automatically. People will notice the ring of LEDs glows a little red. Typically, you will have cameras with 24 / 36 / 48 LEDs. Depending on the distance you want the camera to see at night and the lens that ships with the camera.

Infrared Filters

It placed below the lens, and when the camera goes into night mode, the filter turns to night mode to make the image black and white. Its because B&W images are sharper than color images in low light circumstances.

This night vision and infrared filters would normally add a little extra material cost to your CCTV installation.

Approximate cost of CCTV setup

The cost to set up a CCTV system is based on the components. Here is the price list of CCTV components,

CCTV Camera costs around Rs 800 to Rs 3000

DVR ( 4/8/16/32 Channels) costs around Rs 4,500 to Rs 40,000. It is up to the channels you need.

Hard disk costs around Rs 4,500 to Rs 9,000. Hard disk cost based on the size you need. If you want massive storage, you have to buy a large storage hard drives.

Cabling cost will be Rs 1,500 for 100 meters approximately.

Other essential accessories cost around Rs 3,000.

Labor/Installation also charges around Rs 4,000. It Varies based on Site conditions & Cameras

The given details are approximate only. The price for CCTV System installation can vary drastically depending on the system type and number of cameras you need to install at your home or business place.

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