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Fire Alarm System is critical for protecting the premises against fire. The fire alarm consists of smoke/heat/fire detectors, fire alarm panel, and sounder devices. The sensors automatically detect the fire, and the sounder raises the alarm. Also, the fire panel displays the exact location of the light. Advanced fire alarm panels have SMS or Dialer facility where the group will dial fire service and other essential contacts along with fire details.

How to Test your Fire Alarm?
Long Press and keep holding the test button on the smoke detector. It might take a few moments to start, but a loud, ear-piercing horn should arise from the smoke detector. In case, the sound is weak or nonexistent, replace your batteries.

If you are looking for finding right Fire Alarm Dealer in Chennai for your requirement, walk through further to understand more about the Fire Alarm Systems available in the market today.

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Fire Alarm System

How does Fire Alarm System Works?

Fire detection industry has progressed to where smoke detectors and alarm devices have combined to become life-safety systems. Primarily, an auto working of the fire-alarm system is to detect an event, signal the control panel and proper officials, and alert the residents to take action.

All Fire Alarm Systems typically run on the same principle. If a detector detects smoke or heat or someone hits a break glass unit (manual breakpoint), then alarm sounders run to alert others in the building that there may be a fire and to relocate.
This alerting process divides into two major categories as Conventional & Addressable Fire Alarm System

How Conventional Fire Alarm System Work?
Heat exposure devices such as smoke or heat detectors are separately connected to conventional fire alarm panels using cables. In case, the connected device recognizes symptoms of fire (such as smoke or heat), it will send a signal to a control panel and set off the alarm.
For Example, We will know on which floor in a whole building catches fire & can't detect the exact location on that floor.

How addressable Fire Alarm System Work?
Latest System explored with the devices resting on a loop or ring model circuit. The tools, such as detectors, sounders or hand-operated call points have automated lines that allow the addressable fire alarm control panel to transmit and collect data from each device.
For Example, We will know in which floor & which location specifically in the main Control Panel itself out of the whole building catches fire.

Fire Alarm Working Diagram

Components of Fire Alarm System

  • Alarm Initiating Devices
    Manual - Pull Stations or Alarm Buttons, and Automatic - Heat detectors, flame detectors, smoke detectors, and CO2 detectors
  • Alarm Notification Devices
    Bells, horns, strobe lights, chimes, and voice evacuation systems
  • Fire Alarm Control Panel
  • Backup Power Supply
    Typically 6 or 12 volt batteries stored within the control panel and kept charged until needed
  • Remote Controls & Display Panels

    Components of Fire Alarm System

    Conventional Vs Addressable Fire Alarm System


    The vast difference between conventional and addressable fire alarms is scaling (scaling regarding how exactly it indicates).

    One of the best advantages of having Conventional Fire Alarm System is if suppose something happened to one cable route, the other detector triggers the siren. Whereas, Addressable Fire Alarm system fails as this is a single route cabling. Still, we can place a separate loop for each device towards the Addressable control panel.

    The following chart can give you the clear idea on the same.

    Conventional Fire AlarmAddressable Fire Alarm
    FeaturesQuickly send signals to Control Panel & trigger the siren but Cannot provide an exact area of the fire.Quickly send signals to Control Panel & trigger the siren and Can provide an exact area of a fire.
    PerformanceMore Cabling required & Medium level small retail shops are perfectly suiting with this type.Less Cabling required and Advanced level of IT parks, Factories, Row of the building are perfectly suit with this type.
    LifeThough components like Heat detector are common. Control Panel life is less.Control Panel life is more than conventional.
    CostLess Cost to buy More expensive in Installation.Affordable Cost to buy Less expensive in Installation.

    How To Find the Right Fire Alarm Dealer in Chennai?

    To find the leading Fire Alarm Dealer in Chennai provider to satisfy one’s needs, the customer should check for the below points:

    Is the Company Experienced in Fire Alarm Business
    How many years of experience does the company has ? Have they done large projects, have they supported Fire Alarm systems for many years ?
    Customer Reference
    Take reference of customers and talk to them to understand the post sale service, expertise & reliability.
    ISO Certified & Process Driven Company
    Company that invest in Quality Management Systems are process driven than people driven. Work with process driven company.
    Do They Provide FREE Site Survey & Consultation
    A good vendor can save you a lot of money by recommending right product, cable routing & right technologies. Ask them to do FREE site survey and provide proposal.

    Leading Fire Alarm Brands in Chennai

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