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A guard patrol system works in situations where a security guard on rounds has to check himself in at particular locations and at a regular interval of time.

Also, provides a record for both legal and administrative purposes. It works based on data loggers, and RFID cards that scanning and read the tags at the said locations.

Why Guard Patrol System?
By improving all your guard rounds using an up to date guard tour software, we can prevent losing our time with pen and paper, inaccurate data and complex processes. Guard tour systems are simple enough to use and offer easy documentation and large-scale accountability.

In traditional days, a manual officer will visit in rounds to check whether the security guards in each location or buildings are performing their duties correctly. In turn increase in cost and decrease in efficiency as it is not scalable and trustworthy. Primarily Guard tour System has evolved to overcome this problem.

If you are looking for finding the right Guard Patrol System dealer in Chennai, walk through further to understand more about the best Guard Patrol System available in the market today.

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Guard Patrol System Dealer in Chennai

How Does Guard Patrol System Works?

Check in the data logger
First, the employee must check himself in by scanning his RFID card using the data logger. The device will show the employees name, and the guard must select the relevant option from the list displayed.

Scan location tag
After the patrolling starts, the guard must reach the designated location within the set interval of time. He then should scan the RFID tag at the area using the data logger provided to him.

User Verifications by fingerprint
After scanning the RFID tag at the checkpoint, the guard must use his thumb impression to verify himself. It is done to prevent forgery and also increases the guard’s vigilantes.

Guard Patrol System Works

Select events
The guard must select what kind of activity he was attending to and then move on to the next checkpoint.the events may include routine patrols or any emergency events.

Do the same for the next checkpoints
The guard must repeat the above steps until he reaches the last point and then reaches his control room.

Upload the data
After the patrolling has finished, the guard must connect his data logger into the system to upload the recorded data. The system analyzes the data and co-relates it with previous data and produces a detailed report about the Guard Patrol System. You can learn more about this working with Dacam Systems, the leading solution provider of Guard Patrol System Dealer in Chennai.

Advantages of Guard Patrol Systems

Advanced Management Reports

A vital purpose of any security company is to retain documentation and data reports about guards programs, finished or not guard tours, periods of patrols, happening incidents and any arising difficulties or emerging alerts.

It is troublesome to think that all of this essence should be displayed manually in the past. However, nowadays technology empowers the creation, editing, and implementation of the above operations via easy commands in a well-structured web interface.

The guard patrol tour system provides for the security firm to obtain and analyze detailed reports generated from the data collected from hand-held data loggers.

The system allows organizations to more efficiently organize and remap their tours to provide optimum round the clock security to their clients.

The reports generated provide detailed insights that are generally unnoticed when using conventional systems.

Guard Patrol System Reports

Dacam Systems Guard Patrol Services Offering

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DACAM Guard Patrol Software

DACAM Systems has software expertise that fixes the company needs and maintains solutions consistently as it grows. Since we used this product for large enterprise sectors, we provide specialties that are unique for increasing enterprise requirements.

Project Management

Software Consultation to Suit Your Business

Since we have consulting capabilities, we can customize the existing software to suit your HR process, requirements. Also, massive enterprise deployment may need periodic software maintenance to maintain good performance.

Project Consulting

Specialist in Multi Location Patrol Attendance

DACAM specializes in Multi Location Head Office, Branch Office Guard Patrol Attendance Solutions. If you have a head office and multiple branch offices we can have centralized attendance system.

Sales, Service, Maintenance
PAN India Installation & Service Capabilities

PAN India Installation & Service Capabilities

We have reference customers that use our frequenting solutions across India. We have installation and service capabilities on PAN India basis even on tier 2, tier 3 locations.

Large Enterprise Client Reference

Large Enterprise Client Reference

DACAM is an expert in enterprise systems. We have case studies, references for large-scale attendance projects and various architecture. If you are a large company and looking for centralized attendance than DACAM is the right choice.

Experienced Field Engineers

Experienced Field Engineers

IT Manpower services for technical support. Full time & part time onsite support services will be given based on the density of the issue reported. A simple AMC maintenance will help in the long run for massive operations.

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