Looking for Matrix EPABX System Dealer in Chennai?

Looking for Matrix EPABX System Dealer in Chennai?

How Matrix EPABX System Works?

How Analog Matrix EPABX works?

In general, Analog PBX systems are fixed phone system. It Uses “phone–box” system through which many phones connected through phone lines. Requires a person to operate the switchboard controlling the calls.

How Hybrid Matrix EPABX works?

Hybrid PBX systems are expandable. Phones are equipped with a network interface card and integrated into a network of phones. A hybrid PBX combines existing legacy PBX equipment with VoIP. A PBX connects internal users to the PRI, which has 24 channels. There are often many PRIs to join hundreds of phones. In a hybrid PBX, the two devices connect to the outside world via both PSTN trunks and SIP credentials. The hybrid PBX also has many IP extensions to connect directly to IP phones in the office.

Why Matrix EPABX system?

  Matrix is the Leading provider of telecom and security solution provider.
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  Fulfill the variety of communication requirements of users.
  Matrix EPABX System has Ultimate connectivity with seamless mobility.
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Components of Matrix EPABX system

Logic Cards

Switching and control cards plugged into the PBX back-plane which ties the lines and trunks. In a PBX system, cards used for recording purpose.

External Telco Trunk

The trunk is a physical communications link that connects multiple lines at the same time. Trunks usually act as a connector.

UPS - Backup Power Supply

It is a battery backup system. The UPS system provides advanced power protection to migrate power disturbances that can stop system shutdown.

Business Benefits of EPABX Systems

Collaborative Resources

Inside an office setup, the workers can share phone lines between themselves. Numerous extensions may be combined to a single phone line, therefore decreasing the overall phone costs.

Ease of Program

The EPABX method is entirely programmable. It helps in complicated installation procedures and additional integrated requirements for communication.

Expandable System

With the growth of the organization and the communication intelligence needs, the essential network of the official phone system is also expanding easily without much trouble.

Occupies Compact Space

The real hub of an EPABX system is in low-level profile and does not demand large space for accommodation. Thus space limitations are not an issue.

Key Specifications of Matrix EPABX Systems

Matrix Analog PBX Matrix Hybrid PBX Matrix IP PBX
Security Encrypted VoIP, Moderate phone Encrypted VoIP, Moderate phone Strong encrypted VoIP, Moderate phone
IP Station Capacity 40 simultaneous calls/server 240 simultaneous calls / server Starts at 32 lines and expandable up to 270 lines
Expandability Modular and expandable High modular and expandable Excellent modularity and expandability
Pricing Low-cost Affordable cost Affordable cost
Installation Easy installation Easy installation Complex and powerful system - requires coordination of several systems
Supported protocols SIP SIP SIP and MGCP
Management and Administration Good encrypted administration Standard administration Standard administration

How Matrix EPABX Record Calls?

Matrix EPABX with PBX Monitor and Resource Monitor useful to monitor the performance of your PBX system. Observing the CPU and Memory will reveal the behavior of your phone system. PBX Monitor allows you to watch live conference, concurrent calls, trunk status, and extension status.

Trunk side connects with the audio lines before they linked up with the PBX system and you can record everything that happens on the external lines. It works by recording all internal and external conversations. On the other hand, after the recording process also extends to extension internal calls.

Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) records by utilizing a SPAN/MIRROR port on a managed switch. The configuration of this port to copy all the audio traffic going through the switch and send it through this one port. This one port connected to the recorder PC. There are other ways to record VoIP, but this method is the most common. You can learn more about this working, with Dacam Systems the leading solution provider of Matrix EPABX System Dealer in Chennai

Dacam Systems Matrix EPABX System Offering

Site Survey

Visit customer site and provide solutions with drawings & technical specs.

Project Management

Experienced project management team, professional project tracking and reporting.

Project Consulting

Provide consulting on technologies, brands with cost-benefit analysis.

AMC, Service Contracts

Annual Service/ Maintenance with preventive maintenance visits.


Project Implementation including cabling & related accessories.

IT FMS Services

IT Manpower services for technical support. Full time & part time onsite support services.

Our Valuable Customers

We have 1000+ customers across Chennai and almost all industry verticals.
We have clients from large enterprises to small/medium enterprises.

Why Choose DACAM Systems for Your Matrix EPABX System Needs?

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