Looking for the Right Metal Detector Dealer in Chennai?

Metal Detector is essential in today's world for safety and security. There is a wide range of Metal Detector available in Chennai today. The basic working principle of the metal detector based upon the electromagnetic induction and frequency. Metal Detectors classification also based on from frequency and pulse induction.

Nowadays, Metal Detectors are must use equipment for every business to ensure avoiding any illegal and unauthorized entry of metallic objects.

Majorly, these metal detectors are splitting into two major categories based on the working principle and application areas. It is a Handheld Metal Detector & Door Frame Metal Detector

If you are looking for finding the right Metal Detector dealer in Chennai, walk through further to understand more about the Metal Detectors

Metal Detector Dealer in Chennai

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    How does Metal Detector Work?

    Operating any metal detector is simple. Once you set the unit on, you move slowly in any direction over the area you wish to examine. In maximum cases, you sweep the coil (search head) back and forth, up and down over the area in front of you. When you pass the unit around a target object, an audible signal happens. Most high-level metal detectors provide display images that pinpoint the kind of metal it has identified and how deep in the base the target object is positioned.

      A standard handheld metal detector is light-weight and consists of just a few parts:
    • Stabilizer (optional) - handled to keep the part steady as you sweep it back and forth, up and down
    • Control box - comprises the circuitry, control switches, speaker, batteries and the core microprocessor
    • Shaft - Helps to join the control unit and the coil of the system. Often flexible so that you can place it at a convenient level for your height
    • Search coil - the most crucial part that senses the metals. Commonly known as the "search head," "loop" or "antenna."

    Siemens Fire Alarm System

    Types of Metal Detectors in Chennai

    Primarily, one should think to confirm their requirements. The types of Metal Detectors may differ based on your need.

    It is broadly into two principal categories, Handheld Metal Detectors, Door Frame Metal Detector. You can learn more about these types with Dacam Systems, the leading solution provider of Metal Detector Dealer in Chennai.

    Handheld Metal Detectors
    Security guards manage Hand Held Metal Detectors, Police officials and Military officers to perform a non-invasive natural search of a person for metallic objects.

    When a metallic piece is identifying a sounder usually produces an implication, maximum detectors will provide indications by operating in a silent vibrating mode. It is because not to alert suspicious people.

    Several types of Hand Held Metal Detectors are made and ready to meet complex kinds of threats with diverging levels of detection sensibilities.

    Handheld Metal Detectors

    Door Frame Detector
    A core feature of horizontal multiple zone technology is its capacity to distinguish between small handguns and simple objects efficiently. People screening can cross into the detector without the trouble of having to clear their pockets and wallets which consists of average values of keys and coins.

    Weapons built from steel, different grades of stainless steel, aluminum, zinc alloys, and combined alloys are identified using a single operating mode.

    Door Frame Metal Detection System

    Salient Features of Handheld Metal Detectors

    FeaturesHandheld Metal Detectors
    Working PrincipleUse pulse induction technology which induces electromagnetic field to detect targeet
    Power consumptionLow power consumption Using rechargeable battery within the control box
    AccuracyHigh sensitivity and excellent accuracy
    LifeLong life and good performancedamped

    Technical Specifications of Handheld Metal Detector

    • Power : 9 V Standard or Rechargeable Battery
    • Operating Frequency : 90 KHz
    • Audio Frequency : 2.3 KHz
    • Operating Current : 50 mA
    • Operating Voltage : 9 V
    • Dimension : 400 mm x 40 mm x 73 mm
    • Operating Temperature : -20 to +70 degree celsius

      Metal Detector Technical Specifications

      What is Door Frame Metal Detectors ?

      Door Frame Metal Detector is a metal detector fitted in a door to detect metal objects that may hide on the body of the person passing through this door. Door frame metal detector also called as a “walk through” metal detector. It indicates the main device with

      Single zone DFMD

      Single zone DFMD

      Walk through a metal detector which used to detect the hidden metal objects or targets while the person walks through the door frame.
      Multi-zone DFMD

      Multi-zone DFMD

      Unlike single zone, A Multi-zone DFMD identify the target location whether it is on the left side or right side of the person.

      Salient Features of Door Frame Metal Detectors

      Single zone DEMDMulti zone DFMD
      Working PrincipleSingle zone DFMD Uses the pulse induction technology

      A single Coil which acts as both transmitter and receiver.
      The multi-zone DFMD contain multiple coils that create the separate detection zone.

      Systems are available with up to 33 zones
      TechnologyEntry level DeviceLatest technology device
      CostLow costAffordable cost
      AccuracyModerate accuracyExcellent accuracy
      LifeLong lifeLong life

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      Technical Specifications of Door Frame Metal Detector

      • User sensitivity : levels up to 0-9
      • Counter : 9,99,999 count
      • Counter Reset
      • Counter saved in Internal Memory
      • Power Supply (V) : 230 v 50 Hz
      • Passage Clearance : 27”x 20”x 75”
      • Sensitivity : Small – Big Metal Objects
      • Dimension :
        • Outer frame - 2200mm x 830mm x 500 mm
        • Inner frame - 2000mm x 760mm x 500 mm
      • Operating Temperature : 0 to +50 degree celsius

        Technical Specifications of Door Frame Metal Detector

        Applications of Metal Detectors

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