Looking for top 3 Biometric Brands in Chennai?

Well, there are many Biometric system brands in Chennai, that are ruling the Biometric access control Market of our country right now. Biometrics is one of the most sought-after security equipment in the market. When you’re looking for the top 3 Biometric brands in Chennai, don’t just go after names look for companies with a quality biometric device, reasonable pricing, and excellent after-sales service.

When it comes to quality, cost-effective, expertise and after sale services, very few Biometric manufacturers make a list. Here given below are the top 3 Biometric brands in Chennai,


Nowadays, To manage the enterprise, eSSL biometric access control system is utmost essential. Since 2002, In the field of Biometrics and access control, eSSL is being India’s topmost Market leader. eSSL serves over 5,00,000 Customers in India and Worldwide across different Sectors such as Government, Education, Hospitality, Retail, Public Facilities, etc..

You can efficiently Structure the Attendance System of your office with Biometric Devices. For an efficient Biometric time and attendance management, eSSL security systems are best suited. eSSL x990 is the latest technology biometric model which has high traffic on the market. Unlike other brands, eSSL Security offers access control products that adhere to the highest quality and standards set by industrial federations.

eSSL has quality high standard products with an affordable cost and one of the top brands of biometrics. 

ZK Teco

ZK Teco provides Biometric time attendance and access control products which based on fingerprint and other biometric recognition of security system. It gives you a one-stop solution to entrance control of visitor and vehicle, as well as time & attendance. It has the Established Security Research and Development Centers around the world and strict quality control. It has  3,500 employees and 1,000 R&D staffs among them approximately. And also it develops their algorithm of the fingerprint, face, finger vein and iris for verification.


Matrix is one of the most popular and top brands of Biometrics security solution system that offers a wide range of Biometric devices around the world as well as India. Since 1997, Matrix has experience in security solutions. Matrix Security Solutions offers latest Biometric solutions including card access, fingerprint access, face recognition, and iris recognition, etc.,.Matrix Systems has successfully integrated and installed cutting-edge biometric security technology that provides a retinal eye scanner, hand geometry and many more.

Matrix offers Comprehensive Unified access control Solution and Universal Biometric Systems around the world. Matrix is an advanced Biometric brand and provides 24×7 controlled attendance system to your organization. Matrix also offers easy access and flexibility.

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