Looking for top 5 popular CCTV Brands in Chennai?

Well, there are many CCTV brands in Chennai, that are ruling the CCTV Market of our country right now. CCTV is one of the most sought-after security equipment in the market. When you’re looking for the top 5 popular CCTV brands in Chennai, don’t just go after names look for companies with a quality camera, reasonable pricing, and excellent after-sales service. When it comes to quality, cost-effective, expertise and after sale services, very few CCTV manufacturers make a list. Here given below are the top 5 popular CCTV brands in chennai,

CP Plus

CP PLUS refers to themselves as a one-stop shop for all your surveillance needs. CP PLUS is the global leader of India in advanced security system & surveillance solution. Their commitment to making surveillance affordable and straightforward. CP Plus is one of the leading CCTV Camera provider in the world as well as No.1 in the Indian market.

CP Plus is a well trustworthy and one of the top brands of CCTV Camera in India. They produce a massive range of CCTV cameras from analog to wifi access remote control cameras, with a total market share of 21% for CCTV and Video Surveillance in India.


HikVision is a market leader in CCTV Surveillance. Hikvision is a brand that everyone is aware of, which has been named the No. 1 leader in market share of CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment worldwide by IHS Markit which is leading global research organization.

Hikvision continuously to lead the market in video surveillance products and solutions, with a total market share of 21.4% for CCTV surveillance. Since 2001, Hikvision provides quality solutions to different verticals like Resident and Commercials.

Hikvision manufactures various kinds of CCTV cameras and DVR with a lot of features. Pan, zoom, Tilt Network PTZ Cameras, traditional analog cameras, Dome Cameras, and Bullet Cameras are the types of CCTV camera manufacturing by Hikvision. Hikvision CCTV camera is famous globally.


Dahua is enterprise-grade company yet economical. Dahua has been ranked  No.2 in the global video surveillance equipment market according to the IHS report, a leading global research organization. Dahua invests their 10% of annual sales revenue into R&D to offer innovative CCTV system. Dahua registered 1700 patents over the world. Dahua became the first company to launch an 8-channel real-time embedded digital video recorder.

Dahua Technology provides Leading Video Surveillance Solution with IP Camera, NVR, Analog, DVR, Speed Dome, HD-SDI and NVS. They produce Network Camera, HDCVI Camera, PTZ Camera, Video Intercom, Access Control, Area Scan Camera, Line Scan Camera, and Industrial Drone.


Panasonic is the world’s one of the top brands of CCTV Surveillance. Panasonic cooperates with a lot of partners offers the better surveillance system globally. Panasonic India partnered with Reliance Communications to launch Cloud Video Intelli-Surveillance – an end-to-end video surveillance solution.

Panasonic aims to capture 20% share of the Enterprise security surveillance market in India. They produce a wide range of CCTV cameras from a traditional analog camera to latest technology wifi access remote control cameras.


Hi-Focus is One of the leading CCTV suppliers in the world as well as India. Hi-Focus is India’s cost-effective brand in CCTV Industry. India’s trusted CCTV provider offers users with the best surveillance solutions uncovering significant insights. Hi-Focus connected to the renowned vendors of the market who assist in providing a qualitative range of products at the global standard cameras with an economic cost.

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